Friday, September 5, 2008

Status - Elance, home security, budgeting

Some of you might wonder why I post this blog. If I didn't I'd go crazy. Sometimes I think I am going crazy. Every night - and I mean every night - I end up staring at my budget spreadsheet.

This week I cancelled the home security monitoring system. Saved $27/mo by doing that. Gotta stop wasting money. Some good news: that Elance project paid me another $90 this week. I'm going to keep working that as a 2nd job. My probation ends October 1st. I'll see what happens then. But it's pretty cool. I get to blog about technology and get paid for it too. It's paying $45 a week for one post a week of a 400-500 word blog post on technology - not related to my work so no conflict.

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