Friday, September 5, 2008

Cant sleep at night

We live with a street right behind us. Every night I listen to traffic, motorcycles and sometimes sirens. Every morning I wake up to cars starting around 5:15am. At least that's the time my wife and I wake up. Its so hot here - 97 degrees today - that we always sleep with the windows open at night. Just another thing I want to get rid of.

When we first moved here the street behind us dead-ended 3-4 houses down from us. And the city hadn't built the local high school nearby - 10 minute walk. And there were only acres and acres of land at the end of our street where now there are 200-300 new houses - at least new as of 4 years ago. And the sports park wasn't built across from the high school either.

Oh well, cant wait to move away from all this. And get into a quiet area for a change. Hopefully in 2009 if all our planning works out.

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