Monday, September 28, 2009

Turn in my leased car

My wife and I decided to turn in my leased car at the end of October. We really didn't have much choice. I had it up for sale and I didn't get any calls. I dropped the price a lot. I even took it to Autoland and got an estimate from them - they offered 50% less than what I thought it was worth. That was a waste of time.

We're going to get a used car - a small sedan. A family member has one available that we'll be able to buy. We really got lucky on this. But I'm also going to have to pay back excess mileage charges and my tires on the leased car dont match and I'm sure the leasing company will figure out a way to charge us for wear and tear. That' not going to be fun :(

Got my court date

I paid my $250 bail. I plead not guilty. I have my court date set for early November. I already have my defense ready. I'll keep you all posted on how I present my case, how the officer presents his case and the outcome.