Sunday, February 1, 2009

Paid off CashCall

I paid CashCall !

That'll reduce my monthly expenses another $216/mo ! Yes!

Luckily I received a commission this month which helped me catch up on a lot of bills. It also helped me to pay for my daughter's books - $486 - this semester. Ouch! And I helped my son with his books. I gave him $150 to help him with his college expenses. He's pretty focused on moving out of the house and wants to pay for most of his own expenses so paid for his own school registration and I know he's saving money from his part-time jobs. He even has a spreadsheet of his expected monthly expenses for when he moves out.

But I still have other future expenses on the horizon: we need our washer fixed soon - it's leaking, and the sofa in the family room is patched with duct tape so that's not too appealing. And I'm going to be needing a set of rear tires and brakes for my car soon. All expenses that I'm putting off until one of them breaks or is in serious need of repair.

And our company just announced some layoffs last week so now I have to get intense on saving money for a longer time period emergency fund. And I dont think my son is eligible for medical, dental and vision benefits so I have to investigate a medical plan now which will cost me more money per month. And I still have to do our taxes for last year - not looking forward to that. I'll probably owe money for that. At least we are all healthy, working and my kids are still in school. Thank God we are all okay.