Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Prosper loan funded!!!

I am soooo excited this morning!!! My loan funded! Now I can payoff and get rid of those plundering PayDay loans that have been keeping me down.

Prosper Lenders, Thank-You soooo much for this loan! I am so very grateful and feel blessed.
I will make you my first priority to pay you back early in 2008!

And to the lender on the mountain - thank-you.

Friday, December 14, 2007

How did I get here? - 9/11 was the beginning

If I'm going to tell my story then I might as well explain that my financial problems started several years ago. Right after 9/11 I was laid off work for six months. I worked for a major computer company at the time and they were in the process of selling our software division to a foreign company (in Israel). Well three weeks after 9/11 happened the buyer company decided that they didn't want to bother with the sales related personnel. They only wanted the developers and a small staff of managers - so the rest of us were let go. I tried any and all companies during that time but I just could not get a job. Six months later I finally took a position with a very small company that paid me half of what I had earned the previous year. And I was driving to and from work 180 miles round trip each day. But I had a wife and two kids to take care of so I did what I had to for employment. I also went through almost all of my life savings.

With 40% of my annual salary gone and my decreasing savings and my not getting home at night until very late I finally had to sell my house and move my family. I barely had enough to get us into another house. Right after we moved into our second house I was laid off again.

I ended up at another small company. This time a startup. I worked for that startup (founders and owners from India) for almost two years. But they screwed me when they got bought by a much larger company: I had vested nearly 70000 shares of common stock which I purchased. I then left the company but kept my shares. The board of directors voted that Common shareholders - such as myself and several others - would get nothing, ZERO, from the buyout. They voted to pay ONLY the Preferred shareholders. I lost everything.

(So I've been burned by a computer hardware company owned by founders from India and I've been burned by a computer software company based in Israel - this is what happens when Americans work for foreigners. Not to mention all the American lives lost on 9/11 due to foreign terrorists!)

And it's been a struggle ever since. My life was going great up until 9/11. But it's been downhill since then.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Paid off one delinquent - now current

Some good news. I was on a repayment plan for the last three months with one of my creditors. I called them today and found out that my last payment made yesterday brought my account up to current status.

While on the phone I asked the customer service rep to please notify the credit bureau agencies as soon as possible and ask them to remove the delinquent status from my report. She said that she would send an internal email within the company to make that request. I'll follow up next week to make sure that request was made. The sooner that and the other two remaining delinquents are removed the better it will make my credit score.

I monitor my and my wife's credit score monthly through Experian. It makes me feel good to see that my wife's score has begun to improve over the last 3-4 months. My FICO score has stabilized and will begin to improve soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My loan request - offering 35% ROI

(Here's an email I sent out to some friends and relatives. It hurts to ask people for money. Beg, Borrow, or Steal - the only thing I haven't done is steal for money and I won't do that.)


I've applied for a loan on and if you're interested in a 35% return on your money then you might want to checkout my link below.

You can bid as low as $50 on my listing. If you sign up as a lender and bid on my loan, you'll earn a $25 sign-up bonus.


Stay away from Payday type loans

I want to payoff my PayDay type loans. They are costing me $1100.00 in fees alone each month. One loan is for $1500 and the other loan is for $500. I get paid twice per month and each time they take out $550 as a "fee" for the loans. I need to break the cycle of super high "fee" PayDay type loans. It's terrible that they be allowed to charge exorbitant "fees".

I'm going to try and see if I can get some help. I'll keep you posted.

Mailed 3 removal requests

I received three account member removal forms today from three creditors. I filled them out quickly, had my wife sign them and then mailed them the same day today. I'm trying to improve her credit score - I don't want to drag her name and credit score down as she doesn't deserve that.

Three other creditors just removed my wife's name off my accounts while I was on the phone with them and made the request. I'm the primary and I had previously added my wife as a secondary signer - that was during our good times when I could support the both of us and my kids on my salary alone. We're working our way back to those days again - 2008 looks better.

One of the things I've started doing is attending church again. I've been going to a local Christian church for about two months straight now. It helps to bring me some peace of mind. In these times of my duress I now know why headstones list Rest In Peace on them.