Saturday, September 20, 2008

Slow progress

My debt is now down to $107,000. That's progress but it sure is slow.

I've been monitoring my spending habits. I've got this huge amount of money that I owe to creditors and family. I don't "own" a house anymore. My savings are gone. And my budget doesn't allow anything to be saved.

But I've got good health, kids are going to Community College, my wife is great and we're both working. And I have faith in God again.

I've always believed in God - I just haven't been a good practicing Christian for a lot of my years. I know that if I had been following Christ's principles that I would have avoided a lot of mistakes I made in my marriage and in my spending. Who knows what other challenges I would have faced. Life has many paths to choose from and each have their own obstacles.

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