Sunday, April 27, 2008

Loan Docs Signed !

Our buyer signed their loan docs last Friday! This is a great way to end the month!

We'll finally be out of this horrible mortgage by the end of next week!

The buyer is having their final walk-through today. I found out that the "appraisal" last week was for the buyer's lender to approve the deal. I guess it must have passed - we didn't get any feedback. Also the termite inspector company is coming out here on Monday to patch up a couple places on the door frames on the outside of our house. They didn't find any indication of termites but said that in two places our outside door frames should have been flush with the ground - I guess to prevent termites from entering from the bottom of the door frame - I didn't get a complete explanation.

But, hey, at least we've been blessed with an incredibly fast short sale.

I also completed my ten-week course in Crown Financial through my church. A lot of good things happened for us since I started learning more about how to be a good Financial Steward with money as per scripture in the Bible.

It amazes me that it took only four days after we first listed our house up for sale - with no outside signs on the front lawn - that we had a well-qualified buyer with a solid offer. And to have our short sale close in 57 days is truly a blessing. I thank God and family that I won't have to file bankruptcy or have a foreclosure on my record.

Of course, I'll continue to post here for as long as it takes me to get out of debt. That is my goal.

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