Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fixed our car

Now that I have some extra money I can actually pay for car repairs. My wife's minivan has been blowing vapors into the car because the heater coil needed to be replaced. It got so bad that we couldn't turn the A/C or heater on in the car. We drove it like that for a couple months but it recently got worse. My wife drove her mother to lunch a couple weeks ago and my Mother-In-Law was practically gagging from the vapors. Well I spent $375 to fix that. It's nice now being able to pay for things such as car repairs. Of course I'm on a cash basis and paid cash for the repair because I basically dont have any credit anymore.

And I took my family out for dinner last Friday night. Something we haven't done in a long time. And that was cash too. I'm starting to feel better about things again. I hope all continues well.

Of course, my daughter recently broke a law - a misdemeanor. So now I have to deal with that and pray that she only has to do community service. We're now waiting for the D.A. to decide what to do. Papers were filed with the DA's office.

And my dog now has arthritis - I took her to the local Pet Groomer and they wouldn't take her because she cant stand on four legs long enough for them to groom her. They said I should take her to the vet and get Chrondroitin or something like it. She's about 14 years old and she has a tumor on her back the size of a small watermelon. She's been like that for the past two years. I can't pay for surgery for her. I just cant allocate money to take care of my ailing dog. All I can really do is buy her dog food and give her aspirin sparingly. She was really bad this morning and in pain so we gave her aspirin in peanut-butter and she got better during the day and was able to walk around. But she was immobile, shaking and crying earlier today. I felt really bad. Maybe if I get a bonus next month I can get her some arthritis medicine from the vet.

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