Saturday, March 1, 2008

Smog check failed - cost is $1400

I've been delaying getting our car smog checked because I didn't have the money. I got it smog checked a couple weeks ago and we failed.

I took it to our dealer in town and they said I'd need about $1400 in repairs to get it to pass. They said I'd need: valve replacement kit and an Intake Manifold (IMRC) kit. I took it back and went to a smog check place. They did all the repairs for about $1000.

I had thought about just making greater than $450 in repairs and then taking the car to a Referee smog station to see if I could get the other $550 in repairs delayed for two years just to save some money. But my wife was tired of seeing the Check Engine light constantly on for the past two years. We finally had some money so I got that fixed.

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