Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fix our Credit Scores

Our credit scores are in shambles. Now that the short sale of our house is progressing - already had termite inspection and a lady came over to take pictures for the bank holding our second mortgage - we can finally start to work on improving our credit scores.

I had two $300 limit credit cards that were maxed out that I paid $150 each. So that will make those cards show up as being used less than 50% which will improve our score. Those are the only two cards I have left that have open credit lines. I've closed all my other cards as part of my Balance Liquidation (repayment) Plan agreements with my creditors.

AND, I used $520 from my most recent paycheck to payoff my last PAYDAY loan I had outstanding!

My next paycheck will be the first paycheck in - I can't remember how long - that I will not have to pay any Payday loan fees, not have to payoff any Payday loans, not have to pay back people that I owe money, not have to payoff any cash advances from my bank via my checking account.

At one point in all this mess I was even taking cash advances from my corporate credit card. I had to borrow from family to pay that off - I had risked my job. How very stupid of me. I'll say it in black and white here that I have been a fool for a long, long time. Enough of this depressing talk.

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday. May God bless you and your loved ones.

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