Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mailed 3 removal requests

I received three account member removal forms today from three creditors. I filled them out quickly, had my wife sign them and then mailed them the same day today. I'm trying to improve her credit score - I don't want to drag her name and credit score down as she doesn't deserve that.

Three other creditors just removed my wife's name off my accounts while I was on the phone with them and made the request. I'm the primary and I had previously added my wife as a secondary signer - that was during our good times when I could support the both of us and my kids on my salary alone. We're working our way back to those days again - 2008 looks better.

One of the things I've started doing is attending church again. I've been going to a local Christian church for about two months straight now. It helps to bring me some peace of mind. In these times of my duress I now know why headstones list Rest In Peace on them.


Anonymous said...

Can you please give me the sample NAME removal request you sent. I need to make the same request.


NotOutOfDebtYet said...

You have to call your credit card company and request them to delete the secondary name from your accout - of which you are the primary. Some will do it while you're on the phone. But the major banks - BofA, Chase, etc - will send you a form where both you and your secondary signer (spouse in my case) must sign the form. Both signers are authorizing the name removal AND the person assuming full responsibility must qualify individually for the account. The qualification process will include the review of a credit bureau report - at least for BofA. In the case of a Chase credit card, you, the primary "...must accept sole responsibility for hte above-mentioned account and all balances." Again, both cardmembers must sign the form and mail it back in within 30 days.