Friday, November 23, 2007

Protect my wife's credit rating

I need to protect my wife and my kids.

That's supposed to be one of my primary responsibilities as a husband and a father. I've neglected that role.

So today I called all of the creditors I had that I had added my wife as a secondary card holder and I requested them to remove my wife from the account. This way they will stop reporting her as a poor borrower to the credit bureaus such as: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

My wife did not incur the debt - I did. The last time I refinanced our house she did not even sign the mortgage papers because she did not agree with the finance terms and payments. I should have paid more attention to her judgment.

Anyway, I now pay more attention to what she says and thinks.

Back to my reasoning for removing her from my credit cards. I am on repayment plans with 14 of my 16 remaining unsecured creditors. So if I remove her name from seven of these accounts - which I am the primary and she is the secondary - then her credit score will continue to improve. Of those seven credit card accounts, three removed her from the accounts while I was on the phone and the other four accounts said they would send me a form. I'll update my blog later with the results of the form letters.

My wife doesn't misuse credit the way I have done in the past. In fact, she proudly will come home from a Kohls or a Payless or a Ross and show me her new $5 dollar top and new $5 pants that she found on sale at one of those department stores and paid for in cash.

She really deserves more than the person I am. But maybe I can change and live up to the person she deserves.

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