Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stop renting the McMansion - save more money

I'm really excited and just wanted to tell someone.

My wife and I are going to move out of our $2000/mo McMansion (3200+ sq.ft, 3-car garage house with pool and spa) and into a $1300/mo 1300 sq.ft. condo - 1400 sq.ft. if you add in the stairs :) - at the end of the month. After you add up the savings in rent, utilities and maintenance we're going to be saving almost $1100/mo. YEA!!!

And my part-time job employer just agreed to pay me another $120/mo for more work. I'm excited!!!

I'll finally be able to realize one of my personal goals and help my kids with their college expenses. Of course they are both working and are helping pay for their college expenses too. I know a lot of parents out there dont agree with helping their kids attend a University and get a four year degree. But I believe it is my responsibility to help my kids make it into adulthood and to help them pursue their own dreams. And if their dreams entail a four-year University education then that is what I will help them to attain. Of course, they have to do the work.

We should have sacrificed earlier in our marriage. Doing so now makes me feel good knowing in my heart that I am doing the right thing. Funny thing is, it doesnt even feel like I'm sacrificing anything.

We're looking forward to living a simpler, less expensive and much lower maintenance lifestyle. We'll keep you all posted.

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