Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daughter's boyfriend caught stealing

One of the reasons why we want to get our 20 year old daughter out of the area we live in is because she needs to be around more serious college students and people her own age who have goals.

She just broke up with her boyfriend because he was caught stealing money at his place of employment. She doesn't want that kind of boyfriend and neither do we want her with someone like that.

She really wants to get out of the community college system, get into a 4-year university environment - in the next county - and be around more serious college students than she's found at the local junior college. We're planning to help her move out by the end of June or July. Her friend said she also wants to move out with our daughter and be her roommate but they both need to find jobs in the next county - an hour away - before they can move.

The nearest university to where we live is a little over an hour's drive away in the next county. If you're not out of this area - going to school somewhere or in the military - by the time you're out of high school here then you're not left with many options. The kids my wife and I see here who are in the 18-20 age group dont really have any direction and are not receiving much guidance from their step-parents.

My kids noticed that a lot of their friends have step parents or only one parent. The friends of my kids are basically told that they're an adult at age 18 and must take care of their own medical, dental, cell phone, living expenses, car insurance, etc.

We know a 19 year old kid who had to pay for his own wisdom teeth removal - at least that
s what he told us. There's another 19-20 year old kid who is driving around with no car insurance and no drivers license because he cant get his drivers license because he cant show proof of insurance because he doesn't have the money to pay for car insurance.

The kids who dont go into the military or go off to college after high school are the ones who end up costing our society in many ways.

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