Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paid off another debt

We received a big snowflake this month so I paid off another debt. Killed. Dead. Gone.

I paid off my Prosper peer-to-peer loan that I took out in December 2007. Moving on to the other debts now.

I'd normally be very happy about it but we (my wife and I) are spending money again. And she hates the condo we live in. We've still got another 10 months on the lease. I tell her that its (the condo rent payment) helping us achieve our goals but that doesn't seem to help. She's not happy about several things: the condo, her recent surgery recovery, she's going back to work this week, shes' away from our kids, the soon to be loss of our shiny sports car (fleece) to be replaced with what I keep talking about - a beater, her approaching 50th birthday, and, her 10-year old car is also starting to break down and may need a new transmission soon. She'd rather go the Cash for Clunkers route and get a cheap new low-end Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic or Nissan Sentra or low-end Kia.

Our once high youn and fast lifestyle is slowly being converted into the old people lifestyle.

Not looking for answers. Just venting a little. Just another family frustration to deal with.

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