Friday, July 17, 2009

Without a refrigerator for two weeks.

We rent. And the condo we rent came with a (Maytag) refrigerator. But there's been problems with it for almost two weeks. So we've resorted to coupons at fast food places but not for all of our meals. Sometimes a good PB&J hits the spot Other times a can of soup. But we can't refrigerate milk, any dairy products, no frozen goods, etc.

We had to toss out a lot of food that started to go bad when the refrigerator broke down. We dont own the refrigerator. And the landlord has already spent $500 trying to fix it. Maytag now says it needs a new compressor. They already shipped one but it came in damaged so now we have to wait another week without a working refrigerator.

What would you all eat? (besides MREs:)


Anonymous said...

don't forget about the whole ramen family, cup o soup, top ramen, plus they are super cheap!

Jeffrey said...

You can get a cheap small refrigerator for $50. One or two of those and should have enough room for essentials.

But your land lord spent more then a new one would of cost he needs to get a new one.