Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My total CC debt now at $89K

My total CC debt was once at $143K in 2007.

So I'm at least making progress in paying my CC debt off. Goal for being debt free is in three years: 2012.

Of course, I've got other worries. My car comes off a lease at end of the year so I've got to prepare for that. Either save some cash to pay what I know I'll owe and then turn the car in and then buy a $2k beater car. Or get a new loan to buy the car outright and start making new payments at end of year.

I've also got to worry about taxes next year. Since I sold our house I dont have any more tax writeoffs. Its going to hurt next year. I'll probably owe around $9K, maybe more. And being in our 50's and with so much debt I doubt we'll ever own a home again. Not that we ever did anyway. All we ever did was make payments to a lender.

Well, at least we can cash flow my kids through college. Get them into being successful adults. At least I have that satisfaction.

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