Monday, March 9, 2009

Paid off some more Credit Cards

I paid off my Orchard Bank CC and my Paypal GE credit account. I'm also going to be paying off my wife's Kohls CC right after I logoff from here.

I finally have an emergency fund of $3K. It's going to grow to $5K by the end of the week and then hopefully I can add another $500 at the end of the month.

I also just increased my 401K contribution to 3%. My employer matches up to 5% but I'm not ready to cut that much out of my take home pay yet.

I've been able to cash flow a lot of things lately: $320 for a notebook computer for my daughter to use at college, $220 to fix our washer and dryer and $280 for a set of rear tires for my car.

And I sold some things on eBay to help out. Also, my wife and I sold some of her jewelry and all of my coin collection recently for a grand total of $220. That was nice. I'll be looking to sell more things on eBay soon.

And my part-time job I have blogging about a subject I know a lot about is bringing in $360 gross each month. That helps.

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