Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some sad news - put our dog down last month

I have mixed feelings about having put my dog to sleep last month. Our dog grew up with my kids. She was about 14+ years old. We don't know her exact age since we got her at an Adopt-A-Pet at our local Pet store some 14+ years ago.

She's had a huge tumor on her side for the last couple years, had a cyst on her back, had severe arthritis in her hips and had a very difficult time getting up by herself. And I noticed that she sometimes didn't hear me even though I'd be standing right behind her.

Earlier last year our dog groomer said they wouldn't take her for grooming anymore and told us they couldn't because she couldn't stand for long periods of time. She'd also begun yelping at night recently when we think she was in pain.

We had family over at Thanksgiving and they all saw her and said we should put her down. Even the two nurses at the animal hospital said it was the right thing to do.

When I finally took her to the animal hospital the nurses had to bring out a stretcher because she just couldn't walk at all. I think her hind legs finally gave out for good that Friday morning. Both nurses at the animal hospital said we were doing the right thing for her since she really had no more quality of life anymore. Well we all feel pretty bad over here. Not seeing her or hearing her bark or having her lick my face is tough. She was a constant source and receiver of love in our lives. We miss her very much.

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Christina said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. We went through that 1 year ago and it's not an easy decision. I take comfort knowing that our dog is not in pain anymore. Hopefully you and your family will find peace soon.