Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Financial troubles will lead to affair

I can tell that my wife and my landlord are going to have an affair. He came over here yesterday at lunch time - she told me - to bring over some envelopes and stamps for our rental payments. My wife only gets 30 minutes for lunch so the timing has to be pretty focused. I was out of town on business so it allows them time to get more familiar with each other.

Besides, when he's been here a couple times I can see the eye contact between them. It makes sense - all I have to offer my wife anymore is my salary. I dont own a home anymore. I dont have any savings anymore. After 22 years of marriage and two kids all I can offer my wife is my salary plus bonuses. I've been financially decimated. All she ever does now is make comments about how she wishes we were rich. I'm trying as hard as I can to keep it together.

Our new landloard is about the same age as me and we actually have a resemblance to one another. Plus he's happy and likes to make jokes. Why not? He doesn't have any financial problems like me. Heck, he owns this house plus more. And he's financially stable. He can offer her a future, I cant anymore. She can depend on him not me. Twenty-two years ago I had a lot to offer a woman - a stable marriage, a dependable man, steady employment, financial upside. we even prospered for a while. I never strayed, I even turned down a couple of women co-workers. But now I'm in my early fifties with only my paychecks to offer a woman, much less my wife.

She's already told me she cant count on me. She doesn't trust me. All I've ever done was try to provide for my family. I just try to make ends meet. She wanted to live in a brand new house fifteen years ago and I did it. She wanted a mercedes-benz and I did it. Not much more to say.

I know her sisters will support her. In her family blood is thicker than water.

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Anonymous said...

Your wife will never be happy, I say fuck her and move on....